Looking back on Daydream Nation (Part I)



還記得留學英國的年代才初接觸二手衫、vintage 等。。。有時候喜歡的東西買了回家才發現衣不稱身,很自然拿起剪刀,就剪剪裁裁、縫縫補補,改至合身合心意為止。當時尤其喜愛舊軍褸,大學年代也真的做了不少。。。

畢業後,臨回港一星期的一個早上,我接到一個電話,是一個日本人。她說在畢業展裏看過我的作品,然後她很唐突的問:「你現在可以出來嗎?我有一個日本買手想看你的SS06 collection 」(其實那時我還在睡覺,剛給電話吵醒了)朦朧之際,我很爽快的說:「好!什麼時候?」心裏想我根本沒有所謂的SS06 collection...於是我左一件,右一件、總之是功課也好,改裝給自己穿的都一一放進旅行箱,很狼狽的拖了出倫敦東邊Brick Lane 附近一家咖啡店。當時對着英語有限的兩個買家,我裝作很自信,眼神堅定的說:「這是我的SS06系列」然後他倆點着頭,慢慢查看、檢查「樣板」,然後問我可不可以到一個靜一點的地方認真看及落單。結果幾個小時後,我將我的房間清理好,將'collection'放在衣架上,為衣服續一附上編號,亦即時定了價錢。於是這成為了我人生第一張訂單。他們選了十個款,每款訂了十至二十件。

他們是日本United Arrows的買家,我第一個客人。

首先我要去Camden Town找到所需數目的Dutch Herringbone軍褸,再到羅湖商業城找裁縫幫我改裝。那個裁縫不斷問我為何要這樣拆再改,很浪費他的時間。之後再拿回家加工,刺繡。。。 


每一件都獨一無二,all hand crafted and made with love. 


假如,我們的品牌要重新開始的話,我們一定會堅持,recycle, upcycle, eco-friendly ways of making clothes, products or things. 

by Kay

Photo by Tsi Kwan @ The Light Particles, 2005

I still remember how I first got hooked onto vintage clothing, it was London! That was heaven, just going around charity shops was bliss! I used to get so excited I'd buy some pieces home and realise that they actually don't fit me... but then I would just take my scissors and start chopping them up, and reconstructing it so that it would fit me, and I would add lace patches and embroidery here and there. 

I reworked on so many of these vintage pieces I had. 

Right after I graduated from Royal College of Art, a week before I went back to Hong Kong, I got this phonetical from a Japanese lady Maki, and she told me she saw my work at the graduate show and there is a buyer whom she wanted to show my SS06 collection to, "can you come NOW?" she asked... It was 10 in the morning, and I was still in bed, a bit confused... but why not? Of course, I didn't have a SS06 collection, so I just picked stuff I did as homework, and of course the reconstructed pieces I made for myself, all to the meeting. I dragged this cute vintage suitcase out to a coffee shop in Brick Lane.

Sure enough, there they were, two stern Japanese buyers, not that fluent in English, going through my "collection"... After a bit of deep looking through my pieces, they asked to go to a quiet place to view the collection properly and make their order..... and guess what, I brought them home a few hours after I cleaned out my apartment, and put the "collection" on rails, giving everything a style number and price... somehow... THAT was how my first order happened. They placed an order for 10 styles, 10-20 pieces of each design... 

They are buyers from United Arrows, Japan, my first clients. 

Revisiting this magical start to our brand, designing and producing all these crazy reconstructed pieces, every piece unique and hand-made with love. I feel sad we didn't continue persisting to create in this way because of difficulties we encountered with production. I promise, if we restart the brand in any way, it will be an eco-friendly brand, only working with recycled material or clothes, up cycling them or using discarded material only.

But today, I commit myself to a one year challenge, to NOT BUY NEW CLOTHES for the coming 365 days, starting 21st June. Stay tuned to my new project:

by Kay


kay wong