Looking back on Daydream Nation (Part II)


當年在倫敦Royal College of Art 經常有比賽可以參加,
當Browns(一家買手店) 搞了一個:選一件他們店裡的月下貨款拿去改裝的比賽,我當然超興奮! 


比賽當天,Robynn(我的model朋友) 先以外套造型走進評判面前,外套一轉過來變裙子,而裙子也有兩個穿法,最後,脫下裙子,套上一件從剩餘的布做出來的上衣,然後外套變成褲子! voila! 



Since I'll be kickstarting the NO NEW CLOTHES campaign soon, 
I wandered back to work I did before that was done through recycling/upcycling, 

This one here is a competition held by Browns, London 2004. They invited a bunch of us from the Royal College of Art to go pick up a piece from their off season items, and create something out of it. so I deconstructed this navy cotton jacket, and made it into an all-in-one top, dress, jacket and trousers. Kind of crazy, but I think it worked... 

Just thought I'd share it with you.


kay wong