fashion anatomy

Selected for London Craft Week, 2017, this collection uses remnants of my fashion label - discarded fabric, leftover yarn and wooden clothes hangers - to present a symbolic dissection of the fashion industry.

Having dressed people for a decade, I am now attempting to undress the industry I was once part of, and reflect on the blood, sweat and tears that goes into its creation.

Artwork commissioned and supported by Hong Kong Economic & Trade Bureau, Fashion Farm Foundation, sponsored by Cathay Pacific and Dorsett. 



Following the sudden passing of my partner and the closing down of my fashion label, I went to Denmark for a year-long creative retreat. Every day, I'd walk past a lake on my way home from the studio. I'd find fallen twigs and swan feathers, and along with yarn left over from my fashion label, I weaved them into frames found at flea markets and forged from salvaged wood.

Giving these fragile, forgotten objects new life was, somehow, healing for me. Like wings being caught in a spider's web mid-flight, or maybe the deliverance of a dreamcatcher's weave, this collection captures the conflicted state of loss and renewal I found myself in. 


heiwa paper project 

A collaboration with Heiwa Paper Co.,  Japan, and CoDesign, Hong Kong. Through upcycled materials, fabric manipulation and hand-crafted details, we told the story of a tree's recycling journey, from earth, to paper, back to earth.



This was the first collection we sold to the prestigious Japanese department store, United Arrows. Read about the hilarious, and incredibly fateful, story of how this happened.



This was a deconstruction competition I entered while at the Royal College of Art (for which I won first prize!). Upcycled from a Brown's off-season jacket, and embroidered with hand-stitched details, I created a piece that can be worn as a dress, a jacket,  a top and a pair of trousers.